Candice Errata


A list of typos, errors and their corrections, and more by release:


Release earlier than 1.2.0:

         Candle pattern "Abandoned Baby Bottom" should be Bullish Reversal (R+)

         Candle pattern "Abandoned Baby Top" should be Bearish Reversal (R-)


Release earlier than 2.0.0:

         Kicking Bullish/Bearish patterns Recognition Notes have been incorrectly switch between the two patterns. Kicking Bearish should be type R-. Kicking Bullish should be type R+. All other values remain correct. An upgrade to 1.2.4 should correct this problem.

         Caveats notes misspelled the entry for White Marubozo. It should be White Marubozu. This is corrected in the 2.0.0 upgrade and changes name to Green Marubozu.


Release 2.0.1:

         Renamed Dragonfly Doji pattern to Dragonfly Doji Bullish and provided a Bearish version called Dragonfly Doji Bearish.


Release 2.0.2:

         Corrected potential white marks on pattern small list images: Evening Doji Star; Low-Price Gapping Play; Frypan Bottom; Falling Three Methods; Rising Three Methods; and High-Price Gapping Play

         Corrected Recognition text grammar for Engulfing Bearish


Release 3.0.0:

         Correct image displayed (no blank image) when editing or adding a new pattern

         Have keyboard dismissed after input of pattern name field editing or adding a new pattern


Release 3.0.1:

         Added glossary of terms and use under More tab

         Corrected spelling error for word Occurance to Occurrence


Release 3.0.2:

         Fix message for upgrade to not repeat